Daniel López-Sanders, Benedictine College

I am humbled and honored that you have chosen me as a recipient of this scholarship. Your generous support of my education will allow me to pursue my dreams while attending Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. In receiving this scholarship, I will now be able to focus more on my studies. My family, friends and faith have all played a crucial role in forming who I am today.

I have always been fascinated by outer space and have discovered a love for programming. I now plan to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, which will allow me to pursue a career in the programming field that correlates to my interests. I am excited for these academic pursuits, but they would not be possible without your generous support. I am working during the summer to further support my education. Once again, I thank you for selecting me as a recipient of this scholarship, helping to invest in my future.

Thank you very much.



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