Brennan WellsBrennan Wells, Drake University, Law Student

"The pen is mightier than the sword" -  this maxim was instilled in me as a Political Science student at Prairie View A&M University. While other majors were taught to do, the social scientists were taught to think independently, abundantly and critically. I would go as far as my pen could take me. As one may know, crafting a better way forward for your community and placing your mark on the world is a slow process, just like the writing process. This process is one of delayed gratification. The James B. Morris Scholarship means that, my community is invested in seeing the dividends of my work come to fruition. This scholarship proves, that doing the right things, for the right people, and for the right reasons is righteously rewarded. Ultimately, I now have an additional organization and group of individuals to thank should anyone ask, how did I make it this far. This is what the James B. Morris Scholarship means to me.



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